too far to walk

Using Your Left Hand In A Right Handed World

Spread Out 

So tell me I'm not the only one who's looking for help that's not begun.  It's written across your face: you think you've got it figured out now.  But how could I be the only one?  I look to you, not just anyone.  I'm trying again and again but I keep ending up where I started, yea.  

And I would do anything to cure myself from this plague that's nothing more than my own thoughts wrapped up inside my head and fully tangled.  But where are you when I need support?  Purchasing life I can't afford?  If it's up to me this won't be happening anymore, no.  

So tell me I'm not the only one.  I'm sorry if I'll never become the puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the one you're holding.  I'm asking around for useful hints, so I can show some obedience.  I'm listening closely now, but all I hear, all they say is spread out.  Spread out.  Just spread out.

I try to help you appreciate all the things you cannot relate to.  Look me in the eye and tell me that  you're not like everyone else.  Try to learn from my mistakes, but widening out is what I can't take.  Hypocrisy is all around.  I'm not the only one they told to spread out.   Spread out.  Just spread out.  Spread out and your life won't be so bad.  

Here We Go Again

Here we go again.  At the same time.  At the same place.  Over the same things.  Here we go.

I've been through this all before.  I can't let it go this time.  I wish I could believe you but I learn from the past.  So I'm not backing down this time.   

You say I care more than I let on.  But I can't show you cuz I'm afraid of moving on.  So here we go again.  At the same time.  At the same place.  Over the same things.

So I'm not backing down this time.   

Unlike You

You think you're oh so righteous with your righteous self.  Your life must be so bad you'll make mine bad as well.  You make up stories about things you are unsure.  Your lies should win you the academy award.  But you should rethink this testimony that you give.  Cuz he knows who you are and he knows where you live. 

If I had it in me to fight you more I would to reveal your stupidity and every last falsehood.  So don't say nothing.

You can say anything you want I'll still get through.  Cuz in the end you know I'm more human than you.  I'm more human than you.  

Oh, you're so righteous.  It will catch up with you some day.  I'll tell you why-you lied.  I don't lie.  No I don't lie, unlike you.  Unlike you.  

Don't Say Don't

Don't say don't.  Don't say.  Don't say don't.  Cuz we don't have to quit.  You don't have to quit on us.  On me.  So don't say don't.  

And don't break down, helpless.  Don't break down.  

Cuz if you want me believed, hold me up so I can see.  And if you want to be free, let me down.  Let me go so I can breathe.  I humble myself, and to your wounds attend.  So we can be ourselves again.  

And Lord I hope and pray you understand, when I see your face again.  Will I see your face again?  We could be ourselves again. 

Copyright Jevin Wade/ScatterBrain Records 2003